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FAQ's & Answer's

Here below are some commonly asked question and answers to give you relevant information about JobsinUrdu and its services that we offer.

What is Purpose of this Jobs Website?

JobsinUrdu is an online jobs portal or website where you may find complete details application process latest Overseas and Gulf countries jobs.

Name of Overseas and Gulf Countries?

The Gulf Countries included Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

While the Overseas countries currently include Malaysia only more overseas countries like Indonesia, China, United Kingdom, Australia are included soon.

What Type of Jobs Information we Provide?

At JobsinUrdu we provide detailed information about jobs including eligibility criteria (qualification & experience), complete visa application process along with documents requirement, companies profile, Recruiting Agency/company details and advertisement screenshot.

What are Sources of Jobs Advertisements?

The jobs advertisements are collected or taken from different local & international newspapers and companies websites.

What is Jobs Recruitment Process?

The job recruitment process is unbiased and independent. Recruitment is held via the job seeking company or authorized overseas employment promoters on basis of eligibility criteria and others requirements.

Is JobsinUrdu is part of Jobs Recruitment Process?

At JobsinUrdu we just provide information and application process for different jobs for overseas and gulf countries. JobsinUrdu is entirely independent, our website isn’t affiliated with any recruitment agency, visa provider or provide visa for any listed jobs.

Is JobsinUrdu needed Personal details or data for Jobs application process?

As we clarify we aren’t part of any recruiting agency or jobs seeking company our purpose is just to provide jobs details, application process and advertisements to our valuable visitors.

We don’t needed any personal information or details, CV/Resume, Biodata or any other information that is required for jobs application process or recruitment.

Want to know what type of data we collect when you or someone visits our website visit Privacy Policy page of JobsinUrdu.


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