In a world where nothing can be under my complete control, I took the one thing that I could control about my education, skills and my achievements. I graduated from Haripur university and got Need based scholarships to support my undergraduate education, from a government institution. Also, I am the awardee of the PM Laptop Scheme phase III-IV.
I believe that with my determination, independence, communication skills and proven track record of academic achievements I can successfully complete any of the three programs I have selected:
1. Experimental Psychology (Conversion) (MSc) at University of Bristol
2. Forensic Psychology (MSc) at Cardiff Metropolitan University
3. Psychological Research Methods (MSc) at Birkbeck, University of London.
I chose these 3 programs because of the way they are design, one year with a thesis dissertation and multiple lectures and seminars. Pakistan’s biodiversity makes it a strong candidate for developing my knowledge and skills in relevant fields.
The selected courses would help me to achieve my potential as a research scientist in the psychology field. The skills that I would learn through these programs are universal and would be of great help to the Pakistani peoples, which at this moment are psychologically disturbed, but with train psychologist as myself could start developing a whole different trend locally and globally.

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